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MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A prominent statue of the explorer Christopher Columbus is being removed from one of Mexico City’s main avenues and replaced by an indigenous Mexican woman, the capital’s mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said on Sunday.

Sheinbaum said the famous Columbus statue from 19th Mexico, especially of indigenous origin.

“Of course we recognize Columbus. But there are two visions,” said Sheinbaum, noting that on the one hand there is the European vision of “discovering America”, although there have been civilizations in Mexico for centuries.

“And there is another vision from here, that in reality a European has arrived in America who made an encounter between two places and then the (Spanish) conquest came,” she added at an event in the Mexican capital.

Several statues of the Italian navigator, whose Spanish-funded expeditions opened the door to European conquest of America from the 1490s, have been removed since the protests against Black Lives Matter and the global review of colonial times in US cities and the legacy of slavery https: / /

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Sheinbaum is a close ally of left-wing President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has tried to portray his government primarily as a defender of the poor and indigenous communities, many of whom are among the least wealthy in the country.

(Reporting by Dave Graham; Editing by Michael Perry)

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