Metropolis Closing A part of Cleveland Road Jan. 25-29


In the coming week, the Fayetteville City Water and Sewage Department is closing part of West Cleveland Street between Razorback Road and Hall Avenue to conduct work related to new developments on the north side of the street.

Both lanes are closed from January 25th to 29th daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This will affect parking and razorback transit service in this area, which is the northwest portion of campus.

The affected Cleveland Street area is north of Reid Hall and north of the Maple Hill dormitories. Those using reserved parking spaces in Lot 41 (north of Reid) can only access the property during the day from the west via Razorback Road. (The entrance allows two-way traffic during the week). For all the details, you might want to see those Campus parking card.

Red Resident Reserved Parking Permit holders using Lot 40A (north of Cleveland Street) can still enter and exit the lot from the east (from Hall Avenue).

Drivers who do not park in the area are asked to avoid this part of the campus.

Razorback Transit will not be able to fully service the area during the road closure week. Route 48 has usual stops at the Epley Center for Health Professions or Reid Hall, but they cannot be operated while the road is closed. Route 48 will be changed so that stops can still be made in the area of ​​Lot 40 and Hotz Hall.

Signage will be put up in the area to help drivers make the temporary changes.