May ‘Cleveland Rockers’ turn out to be the Indians’ new identify?


The moniker would clearly pay homage to the city’s rock and roll legacy, but some fans seem a little fed up with the guitar imagery.

CLEVELAND – If WKYC Studios conducted his poll and asked fans to choose the new Cleveland Indians nameThere were two options that we believed would be high on the list.

“Spiders” was the first and, as expected, the current betting favorite took first place with 27.7% of the votes. Guardians was the other, but while that name continues to have solid support, we were surprised it came in third with just 19.8%.

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What was even more surprising, however, was the nickname that took second place: “Rockers”, which scored 22.5% in the end result.

The nickname’s connection to Cleveland is obvious: the phrase “rock and roll” comes from legendary DJ Alan Freed in the 1950s, and in the decades that followed, the city became one of the main markets for emerging music acts. Groups from other genres like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony from hip-hop also have a deep legacy here.

In the 1970s and 1980s, 100.7 WMMS was the top rock station in the country and played an important role in getting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to choose Cleveland as the location of their permanent museum. The building has continued to grow and develop since then and remains a crown jewel of the lake.

Although Rockers ranked second in our survey, it doesn’t seem to have that much grassroots support for social media (consistent concepts, logo designs, etc.). However, many still seem open to the idea, and some believe it could also be a tribute to legendary Cleveland rock musician Michael Stanley, who passed away last March.

They should be the Cleveland Rockers, buying the rights to the baseball logo from the Major League

– Pumpkin socks (@pumpkinsocks) December 14, 2020

@CityofCleveland I like the Cleveland Rockers with a logo like this? #Rock& RollHOF

– Scott (@ 2hottie511) December 14, 2020

@ Indians Sad to see the Name & Wahoo go into an overly politically correct world. As for the new name, why not Cleveland Rockers since the Rock Hall is in Cleveland? You can have uniforms with sheet music that spell rocker

– WizardOfBiden (@AssusReamus) December 14, 2020

We are very sad about the death of Cleveland legend Michael Stanley. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and fans.
This city will always be Michael’s city.

– Cleveland Indians (@Indians) March 6, 2021

And as we all know, the Cleveland Rockers actually existed in an earlier generation in the form of an original WNBA team that played at what was then called the Gund Arena. The club had decent attendance and played the playoffs four times in six seasons, but failed after the 2003 season due to a lack of financial support.

Northeast Ohio is pretty proud of its music history, but some are also fed up with the fact that it’s the only thing that many outside of the region associate with the region. After all, there are a lot of great things to do in Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs, but every time a big event comes here (be it sports, entertainment, or politically related) it seems like the logo must always include a guitar.

Even with “guitar fatigue”, rockers still have a good amount of traction to be considered a viable option, despite still listed as a 20-1 underdog (behind “Cleveland Rocks” … really). If the Indians are really trying to identify with the city of Cleveland, it might be difficult to find better choices than rockers.