Listed below are Two Extra Cincinnati Bengals’ Uniform Ideas


CINCINNATI – Numerous Bengals concept uniforms have been released in the past few days Announcement of “New Stripes” on Thursday.

We released four designs on Thursday afternoon and a a few more that evening in our quest to help the Bengals find the best stripes possible.

The AllBengals team came up with a few more concepts that are worth reviewing. The first is from Tyler Macenko, a student at the University of Cincinnati.

The Bengal’s helmets don’t changebut these are some of the best mock uniforms out there. They are unique, but also a tribute to the past.

If the NFL allows multiple helmets in the future, the “White Tiger” edition is a must. The “Lights Out” Edition helmet is also a fascinating idea.

The second comes from UniMockUps. Check them out below.

These are simple and clean, but the unique tiger stripes spice things up.

These are two other great options that have been released in the past few days. Both bring back the jumping tiger logo that fans have been asking for in recent years.

Check out the other uniform designs and other Bengali information below.


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