Kern Place residents need extra safety in Cincinnati District


EL PASO, Texas – There has been one person in the past two weeks shot dead in the Cincinnati Entertainment District and another was stabbed several times and seriously injured. Now the residents of the region are demanding more security after the attacks.

The Kern Place Association sent ABC-7 a statement Tuesday that it is supporting an increased effort in the area to “curb the negative impact bar customers are having on residents of nearby Kern Place.”

The statement said, in part, “Companies that have owned Kern Place (Palomino Tavern, Ardovinos Pizza, Crave, G2, Fool’s Gold) understand our problems, appear to be complying with laws and regulations, and even have to hire Contributed by staff. Duty police patrolling the public areas and into our neighborhood. Historically, the area’s problems with the other facilities have been on and around the 200 block of Cincinnati Avenue. The attitudes, actions, and inaction of these other facilities are obvious forms the disrespect for the residents of Kern Place. “

In 2018 the Uptown Parking Benefit District was introduced. The idea was to install parking meters in the area and use the proceeds for security and public improvements.

They have had total sales of $ 191,888.71 since 2018, according to UPBD. A total of $ 104,239 was used for security purposes by a private contractor and the El Paso Police Department.

The board also had a board meeting on February 4th to discuss a “security update on activities within the district.” ABC-7 tried to learn more details about what was going on at the meeting.