J.J. Watt formally on Cleveland Browns radar?


Could the Cleveland Browns play a piece for JJ Watt?

After some heartfelt news on Friday morning, it appears that JJ Watt and the Houston Texans will split up as the team plans to release Watt at his request.

In 10 seasons with the Houston Texans, Watt has amassed over 100 sacks and topped the league twice in 2012 and 2015.

Could that Cleveland Browns Be a candidate for Watts? Many believe the answer is yes.

Having started his career with five straight seasons in which he never missed a game, Watt has only played twice in 16 games in the past five years due to injuries. Even though he played the entire 2020 season, his numbers were down with just 5 sacks and 52 tackles in the season.

However, many believe that Watt may be out of gas, but that’s just not true. With the lack of talent on the defensive line in Houston, Watt faced more doubles than almost any other player in the league. With a fresh start and a chance to win, Watt certainly has at least a year or two to perform at the all-pro level.

Why is Watt a perfect match for Cleveland? One, he and Myles Garrett would be the best defensive end combination in the league. The ability to rush the passerby with just your first four is the greatest asset in the NFL.

Second, the Browns are in a top window to battle for a title when they can step up on defense. The expansion to Mayfield and Ward may have to be postponed until the next off-season, but the Browns should do whatever it takes to lure Watts to Cleveland.

The Browns will have the money Olivier Vernon Andrew Berry can once again ignore the linebacker position that is easy to achieve in an analytical regime.

Last but not least, there is no better person than Watt, who has done so much for the community. With all of the disasters in Houston over the past decade, no one has done more to conquer the city than Watt, who has raised a ridiculous amount of money for the community.

Watt is likely to have a lot of applicants, but with the chance to win now and the Cleveland Browns holding the cap, Watt could be a real 2021 target.