Highschool basketball: Cleveland Heights makes use of second half run to down Lorain | Sports activities


At 1:37 in the third quarter of Lorain’s Lake Erie League matchup against Cleveland Heights, Jordan Daniels tossed a 3-pointer in the corner to give the Titans a 45-36 lead.

It would be Lorain’s only goal for the next three minutes of play as the Tigers made a 20-0 run to Davis’ bucket that spanned parts of two-quarters. That run was enough to defeat the Titans, who fell between 66 and 55.

“They did a little better and played a little harder,” said Lorain coach John Rositano. “They made us play faster and when we started playing at their speed we missed it.”

While this was not the case in the second half, the Titans started the game at their pace and opened 15-5 from goal. Senior guard Jamir Billings led Lorain (6-5, 5-4) with 11 points in the first quarter with three 3-pointers early. The Clearview Transfer led the Titans with 18 points.

Billings also took the lead in defense for Lorain when he faced EJ Farmer, despite the 6-foot-4 Farmer having five inches on him. While Farmer led Cleveland Heights with 18 points, most came in the second half when the Titans gasped for breath.

“He’s expected to do everything out there and he wears out but it’s never a lack of effort,” said Rositano. “He’s a tough competitor. Our boys tried, I think it was just fatigue and acceleration. In the first half we controlled the pace and the pace, ”said Rositano. “It turned into a playground game in the second half and we don’t win a playground game against this team.”

After his team had been satisfied with too many 3-pointers in the first half, Cleveland Heights (8-10) coach JR Bremer was pleased that his team was fighting for better shots in the second half.

“When they decided to do it, you could see the difference on the pitch,” said Bremer. “Lorain jumped on us early. We didn’t come down and continued to pick at the top. “

The aforementioned Cleveland Heights run was led by Cleveland Heights junior Mike Coyne, who scored 14 of the Tigers’ 19 points. The Hawken transfer ended with 17 points, all of which came in the second half.

“He got away from us,” said Rositano. “He crawled and escaped and knocked down five to three in the second half. We’re not deep enough to play at speed for 32 minutes. “

Lorain was again without Seth Wilson, who missed his fourth straight game with a soft tissue injury to his thumb. After the game, Rositano said Wilson (23.3 points per game) will be re-rated on February 8th and that he is “optimistic” that Wilson could play next week. Wilson’s return would come at the perfect time for the Titans, who clearly lack the West Virginia Commit’s chance to score.

“When your legs run out and you play hard, you need someone like Seth who can score anytime, anywhere,” said Billings. “We started turning the ball around in the third quarter and that caused a momentum shift.”

Bremer was impressed with the way Billings handled the titans’ crime in Wilson’s absence.

“He’s a goddamn player,” said Bremer of Billings. “He brings it to both ends of the court and a lot of people don’t know what he brings to Lorain.”

After the February 6 game against Bedford and the February 9 game against Cleveland Central Catholic were canceled (both teams are in quarantine), Rositano and the Titans have some time to approach the postseason.

“We’re thin right now, but these guys are playing the best they can,” he said.