Group Crime Patrol To Be Renewed By Columbus Metropolis Council


As a councilor of Columbus be right To delay an arriving police recruitment class, it will vote on Monday to renew a citizen patrol contract.

Community Crime Patrol works with the Columbus Division of Police to identify and report suspicious activity in five neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods are Franklinton, The Hilltop, and South Clintonville.

Legislation allows the group’s operations to continue uninterrupted if something prevents the normal day-to-day operations of the Ministry of Public Security.

Community Crime Patrol is a group of trained civilians who patrol five boroughs of Columbus. The organization employs 15 to 20 unarmed patrols to deter criminals, raise neighborhood awareness of crime prevention techniques, help arrest suspects, and provide first aid when necessary.

The group is funded by the City of Columbus, the State of Ohio, and the East Main Street Special Improvement District.

Community Crime Patrol publishes monthly numbers on police support. In January the group said they had spent almost 550 hours on patrol. She reported nine significant police or fire brigade incidents and three unsafe social gatherings.

The contract costs $ 375,000 and runs until February 2022. The group has been in existence for a number of years. It was funded for $ 390,000 in 2017 and $ 375,000 each subsequent year.