Grand jury indicts Cleveland mayor’s grandson in Parma police chase


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cuyahoga County grand jury on Thursday indicted Cleveland Mayor’s grandson Frank Jackson on two crimes related to a January incident, tinted windows.

Frank Q. Jackson, 24, is charged with aggravated assault, a second degree felony, and noncompliance with a third degree felony related to the crime January 24th meeting with the police in the suburb of Cleveland.

He is free for a $ 10,000 bond. His indictment in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court is pending.

Thursday’s indictment is the most recent evolution of the younger Jackson’s legal troubles, spanning two years. Frank Q. Jackson is currently on parole after pleading guilty to hit a woman with a truck trailer hitch in a 2019 case. He is also charged with domestic violence-related misdemeanor in the Cleveland Municipal Court in a December incident.

His encounter in Parma took place when officials ran over his car early in the morning on January 24. Body camera videos Show that officers told the younger Jackson they dragged him over about tinted windows. One officer asked if he was related to “the mayor” and when Jackson said he was the officer he said, “Oh, you are the grandson.”

The stop escalated when Jackson failed to get out of the car and one of the officers tried to pull him out of the car and Jackson sped away. The officer still held onto Jackson and ran the car before letting go of the driver, according to a press release. Parma police chief Dan Ciryak said on the day of the incident the officer was not seriously injured.

“I think he should have an arrest warrant for DV,” said one of the officers in relation to Frank Q. Jackson’s case in the Cleveland Municipal Court.

Court records show he was charged with domestic violence early that morning in Cleveland, and the court overturned the warrant.

The officers eventually lost his car and the younger Jackson went on to join the police department with his lawyers later that day.