Goodwill digital camera thriller Columbus, Georgia Joseph L. Jones of DC


Undeveloped film could provide references to Joseph L. Jones or his DC family

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Sidney Goodman is always on the lookout for vintage cameras. She has just returned to the US after living in South Korea.

One of her first stops was in her new hometown of Columbus, Georgia, in a goodwill business. She and her husband were just there to browse.

“It was like having goodwill in the background in an electronics section,” Goodman said, chuckling with excitement. “It was a really good deal.”

What she found was a leather camera case with two vintage 35mm cameras and two rolls of undeveloped film. The photographic equipment was engraved in several areas with the name “Joseph L. Jones, Wash, 3 DC”.

What’s on the 40 year old undeveloped film?
A woman in Columbus, Georgia paid $ 6.99 for old camera equipment at Goodwill.
This equipment belonged to someone who lived HERE.
DO YOU KNOW Joseph L. Jones from Washington, DC?
I’ll get the pictures in an hour. history @ wusa9 23 o’clock.

– Adam Longo (@adamlongoTV) February 13, 2021

“He clearly loved this stuff. He went crazy I think and engraved everything,” said Goodman.

All Goodman cost was $ 6.99.

“This is Petri 2.8 and this is the one that included the movie,” Goodman told WUSA9.

Goodman has become an amateur internet expert in the past few days, trying to track down Joseph L. Jones or living relatives in the Washington, DC area. She posted photos of the photography equipment and goodwill backstory on a DC professional and amateur photography Facebook page in hopes of getting answers.

“I’m not sure the person who owns it is still alive, considering it was from the 1970s,” said Goodman, “but I was hoping I could at least track down the family.”

Goodman brought one of the undeveloped rolls of film to their Walmart store in Columbus. She expects to get the photos back early next week. She can’t wait.

“I’m so curious!” She said. “Because it came with a Disney World brochure, I really hope the pictures will appear in Disney World.”

To be honest, it could be anything in the movie. The lack of perspective from the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy or pictures of the 1972 Watergate break-in.

Of course, it could just be Joseph L. Jones and his family at Disney World in Orlando.

WUSA9 will follow up after the photos are developed. Stay tuned and follow the reporter Adam Longo on Twitter for updates.

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