Free strolling excursions return to downtown Cleveland to share metropolis’s historical past


Last week that Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation (HGNC) started its 13th season in person Go hiking Historical Walking Tours – give attendees a glimpse into the early history of Cleveland.

Take a Hike Tour offers 14 free historical tours of Cleveland’s neighborhoods, including Gateway, Playhouse Square, Canal Basin, Tremont, and University Circle. Other tours show the city’s historic buildings converted into hotels or the buildings that once housed the famous department stores on Euclid Avenue and Public Square. Several new development projects are also presented on the tours.

Take a free walking tour of Cleveland’s unique and historic neighborhoods.“One of the new development highlights is the ongoing construction of Downtown Cleveland as a residential area with mixed use,” says Thomas Yablonsky, Executive Director of HGNC. “Every tour has projects. For example, on the Public Square tour, new development projects are on the horizon and highlighted, including 55 Public Square, 75 Public Square, Sherwin Williams’ new headquarters, and efforts to make Daniel Burnhams Group Plan a National Historic Landmark. ”

Yablonsky says the Public Square tour is new this year and the routes of tours in the Gateway District and Playhouse Square District have been updated. He adds that the Public Square tour was designed with the downtown staff in mind and is shorter than the others – it lasts 45 minutes over lunchtime.

The interactive walking tours are led by knowledgeable guides who share fascinating facts about historical assets and key figures who helped build Cleveland. Tour participants learn about architecture, cultural development, historic preservation, and Cleveland’s role in American history.

Along the way, actors will share the stories of important figures from Cleveland’s past.

In 2020, thousands of people explored the city on their own with the introduction of Take a Hike Self guided tourssays Yablonsky, and HGNC will continue them this year.

The schedule of the tours is available Here. Space for each tour is limited. Reservations for the June and July tours are now open. Tour reservations for August and September are possible from July 15th.