Final brother wished in Bates taking pictures arrested in Columbus


COLUMBUS – The last brother wanted in a gunfight on Bates Street in Zanesville last month was arrested.

According to Chief Tony Coury, Juan McConnell was picked up by U.S. marshals at around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Franklin County.

After filming on March 1, he and his girlfriend fled from Zanesville to Columbus.

“We caught this guy walking down the street,” said Brad Stuart, deputy chief of the US marshals in Columbus.

Stuart said McConnell was seen leaving a barber shop and arrested while walking down Cleveland Avenue on the east side of Columbus.

He was taken to Franklin County Jail and has a warrant pending extradition to Muskingum County, where he faces dozens of criminal offenses, including attempted murder, assault and dumping a gun in an apartment and across a public road.

McConnell’s most recent case violates his Franklin County parole on three separate counts, including charges of domestic violence, drug trafficking, and drug possession.

In 2010, McConnell was convicted of firing a gun during a drive-by shooting in Franklin County. He spent four years in prison during this incident.

His brothers Terrel and Jamarr have already been arrested and pleaded not guilty:

  • A first degree offense for attempted murder with a firearm spec
  • 23 Second degree crimes for grievous bodily harm with gun specs
  • 23 second degree offenses involving a firearm being unloaded into an apartment with firearms specifications
  • 23 Third-degree offenses involving unloading a firearm from a firearm-spec pavement
  • A third degree offense in which evidence was tampered with with a firearms specification.

Jamarr also pleaded not guilty to another third-degree crime for having a disabled weapon.

The three are charged with 23 shots fired from a hill over Bates Street into the home and arm of Robert Gladden, who was treated and released that same day for his injuries.

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