FDNY Makes Daring Parrot-Rescue on Columbus Avenue


Posted on March 22nd, 2021 at 8:34 pm by West Sider

Firefighters wowed the crowd as they climbed a cart to catch an escaped exotic bird on the 87th and Columbus.

Hi @BirdCentralPark Here’s FDNY trying to rescue an escaped parrot in 87 / Columbus pic.twitter.com/PXP45KQhbp

– Sarah Baicker (@sbbaicker) March 22, 2021

And they got it!

Update: Mission accomplished !!! pic.twitter.com/1LamEsVN6j

– Sarah Baicker (@sbbaicker) March 22, 2021

We have reached out to the Wild Bird Fund for further responses and will update this if we hear anything. If the bird is yours or you have more information, let us know at westsiderag on gmail or in the comments. More photos please!

To update: The FDNY came through again with some additional information: “Conductor 25 was verbally alerted at 6:20 pm. that someone’s parrot had escaped on the way to a vet visit. Ladder 25 could extend its air ladder to reach the branch the bird was in, and a firefighter could get the parrot to safety. No injuries to the parrot or anyone else, safely returned to the owner. No information on who the owner is. No further information, thanks. “