eight Cleveland Browns rehabbing main accidents this season


08/10/2020; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Browns player Greedy Williams during training camp. Mandatory Credit: Matt Starkey / Cleveland Browns via USA TODAY Sports

Eight Cleveland Browns are rehabilitating serious injuries this off-season, with the greatest determination and desire to make it back.

The Cleveland Browns have eight players that we know are trying to come back after serious injuries sustained last season. There may be a few others who haven’t told us about a torn ligament or two or broken bones.

Football is the toughest game in the world and unfortunately players are injured and medical attention is required to get them back on the field. Here, this article lists seven players you’ve probably read about in some shape or fashion this off-season, plus one other player who’s so far under the radar that you might not even have thought possible. He’s not even on the current 90-player list, but he could show up again by playoff time.

This article will identify the players and the nature of the injury as described to us from official team sources and the media. In many cases, we can document for you the medical references that provide information on the likelihood of players returning to the field with apparently similar injuries. There are also comments on the likelihood of each player getting into the opening day lineup or training roster.

As always, be warned that you are getting the Sportswriter’s translation of the much more complex science of sports medicine.

The people who actually know what they’re talking about are the Browns medical staff, including Senior Team Doctor James Voos, MD, Senior Medical Team Doctor Sean Cupp, MD, and Michael Salata, MD, Assistant Orthopedic Team Doctor, always giving their opinion . The problem is that the experts don’t often write articles for the fans, so here we are.

Without further ado, let’s begin by discussing the case of offensive lineman Chris Hubbard, who currently has no position among offensive line starters. However, because he’s so versatile, it’s very believable that he could play more than half of the Snaps this season if he made the team.