Deliberate Parenthood gives gender-affirming remedy for adults in Cincinnati


CINCINNATI – Planned Parenthood now offers gender-affirming therapy to members of the Cincinnati transgender community. This is considered a breakthrough for adults seeking access to treatment beyond puberty.

The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers a solid program for trans youth. However, as soon as these children grow up, they age out of this particular therapy. Planned Parenthood says it’s now here to take the reins.

“Here I can show somewhere where my identity will not be in the foreground,” said Tristan Vaught, co-founder of Transform Cincy.

Vaught said the region will become a hub for gender-affirming care and inclusion to meet the growing need for trans adults.

“You are turning 25, and in that area we may have a few doctors after 25 who are busy with patients on gender-affirming treatment,” Vaught said.

This is where Planned Parenthood comes in. The healthcare provider has served all genders for decades.

“Now we’re stepping up to really offer this specialized treatment – gender hormone therapy – to these transgender and binary patients,” said President and CEO Kersha Deibel, adding that therapy is an affordable option in a non-judgmental space offers.

“The unfortunate reality is that in addition to the economic, geographic barriers to just getting access to health care – any health care these days – those barriers already exist and are even more existent for people in the transgender community,” said Deibel.

Vaught, who is not binary, said that was a problem that they saw firsthand.

“It’s huge because even with insurance, you often struggle with insurance companies to cover these types of interventions,” said Vaught.

In addition to providing financial aid, Vaught said that anyone who walks through his doors has a greater benefit: “Just knowing that you can go to your doctor and be able to go without judgment, without fear, and without rejection about it Talk about stuff. “

Planned Parenthood’s hormonal therapy services are now available in all health centers in Mount Auburn, Hamilton and Dayton. The provider also offers reduced on-time pay rates for all services to patients without access to insurance.

“No matter what zip code you are in, no matter what race you belong to, what sexual orientation you have, what gender you are, no matter who you are, we are here as a healthcare provider for you,” said Deibel.