Columbus Police seems to determine 19 extra individuals of curiosity in “Chitt Fest” riot


More than a thousand people flocked to the streets for an evening, resulting in several overturned Columbus Police cars and helicopters being called but no arrests made. Photo credit: Paige Cirtwill | Lantern reporter

The Columbus Police are looking for 19 other people of interest in connection with the “Chitt Fest” on April 18.

Pictures of the Columbus Police Department Twitter Account Friday show people’s faces, pose, and engage in a variety of illegal activities – including turning cars around and trying to steal a street sign. Several people appear to be wearing Ohio State clothing in the photos.

More than 1,000 people gathered on Chittenden Avenue between High and Summit Streets after the Ohio State Spring Game. People in the riot rolled over and destroyed seven vehicles, and although Columbus police helicopters circled the area, no arrests were made.

This is the second time that Columbus Police have identified people of interest in connection with the Chitt Fest. April 22nd, the police posted a video on their YouTube channel that compiled videos from the scene showing people turning over and wrecking cars.

According to the Columbus police, 16 people have so far been identified and charged with their behavior during the “Chitt Fest”. The Columbus Police Department is requesting community assistance in identifying other people of interest in connection with the Chitt Festival.

The Columbus Police Department works with Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, a nonprofit that acts as a liaison between the media, law enforcement and the public by helping law enforcement convict criminals and promoting the flow of information, the statement said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.