Columbus mayor annoyed with lack of vaccinations as COVID instances, hospitalizations on the rise


Columbus, GA. (WRBL) – COVID cases and hospital stays are increasing in Muscogee County.

And Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson is concerned as we appear to be in the fourth wave of the pandemic.

“I’m not angry,” Henderson said Tuesday morning in his government center office. “I’m frustrated. Because you know that you have the opportunity here in our community to create an atmosphere in which people can go back to normal. And people, for whatever reasons, don’t take advantage of it. We talked to doctors and we talked to community leaders about the possibility of setting up a hotline so they can answer their questions. “

Look at the numbers and you can see what is happening to the COVID-19 virus in Muscogee County.

The number of new cases rose from six on July 1st to the 26th on Monday on a 7-day moving average.

The cases per 100,000 population rose by 34 on July 1 to 152 on Monday.

Hospital stays in Columbus increased from 27 on July 1 to 61 on Monday.

There are more than 191,000 people in Columbus. 31 percent are fully vaccinated. 35 percent have a dose.

And he says he’s not considering a mask mandate like the one launched in Savannah on Monday.

“… We have the gun,” said Henderson. “We have it. It sits there and waits for us to use it. “

And the decision not to get the shot can be costly.

Henderson shares with News 3 that he has known three unvaccinated people who have died from COVID-related causes.

“It’s a difficult thing when a family actually finds out this virus is serious because they lost someone,” Henderson said. “I can’t imagine the pain they’re going through. And our prayer is that people will conduct their research rationally and scientifically, and gather the information from credible sources. And I think if you do, a lot of the information you see on social media is just not accurate. “