Cleveland Metropolis Council – Councilman Kazy Appointed to NLC Committee


Cleveland City Councilor Brian Kazy was appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) Federal Advocacy Committee for Public Safety and Crime Prevention in 2021.

Alderman Kazy, who represents Ward 16 on the West Side of Cleveland, was elected for another one year term (7th total) and will provide strategic direction and guidance for the federal advocacy agenda and political priorities of the NLC. The appointment was announced by NLC President Kathy Maness, Councilor, Lexington, South Carolina.

“With crime and security issues in Cleveland and other cities across the country, it’s imperative that cities share their crime-fighting strategies so we can all learn from successes and failures,” said Councilor Kazy, saying new and effective ideas back to Cleveland. “

Kazy City Council will also play a key role among a diverse group of officials in shaping and advocating the NLC’s political positions.

“Our federal advocacy committees are the voices of what is happening in our local communities,” said Kathy Maness, Lexington, South Carolina councilor and president of the National League of Cities (NLC). “I am proud that Councilor Kazy is joining the NLC Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee on behalf of its residents.

“Together with a team of local leaders from around the country, we will work to solve the most pressing challenges our communities are facing.”

Further information on the federal representative committees of NLC can be found at: