Cleveland mayor’s grandson turns himself in to police following chase


* Check out our report last year on Mayor Jackson, where he talks about his grandson’s legal troubles. *

PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-TEAM learned that Frank Q. Jackson, grandson of the Cleveland Mayor, reported to the police overnight after a car chase in Parma.

More trouble for Cleveland Mayor’s grandson, Frank Jackson

Multiple sources say Parma police ran over Jackson due to a traffic obstruction. Then he is suspected of picking up and towing the officer, although certain details have not yet been released. The officer is fine.

Shipping records show that this resulted in a Cleveland car chase that resulted in Jackson being suspected of driving at 107 mph.

Officers lost the car in Cleveland, but it later surrendered to Parma police.

Jackson was also wanted on one Domestic violence charges for misdemeanor from Cleveland, which was filed last week.

The warrant states that on December 18, Frank Q. Jackson “knowingly harmed or attempted to harm the mother of his child.”

Cleveland Mayor’s grandson pleads guilty to prosecution

The I-TEAM received the police report in which the officers “observed” the victim and “had a possible lump on the forehead”. The officers then asked a supervisor to respond. The victim stated that she did not want to bring charges against Jackson and that she just wanted this to be documented.

The report also says Jackson denied beating the woman. He was released at the scene.

Earlier this month city officials said they would call a special prosecutor to look into the matter.

In December, I-TEAM also requested the video with the officers’ body camera and the emergency call. Neither were nor published.

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