Cleveland man arrested driving stolen Kia: Parma Police Blotter



Receipt of stolen property, Day Drive: On January 5, police observed a suspicious Kia Forte in the Olive Garden parking lot on Day Drive.

It turned out that the vehicle had been reported as stolen. The officer arrested the Cleveland driver, who was also in possession of suspected crimes.

The man was charged with stolen property and substance abuse.

Gun crime, Ridge Road: During a traffic obstruction on January 5th due to equipment violations, police discovered the driver of a Chrysler 300 and his Geneva passenger had not only a gun but also a drug suspect.

The duo have been arrested on drug abuse and gun charges.

Overdose, Pershing Avenue: On December 28th, police were sent to a house on Pershing Avenue because of an overdose.

An incoming officer found the Parma man resuscitated with Narcan. He was later quoted intoxicated for disorderly behavior.

Gun crime, Ridge Road: During a traffic obstruction on a Dodge Journey on December 29 for violating traffic rules, police discovered that a Parma man and his Parma passenger were in possession of a firearm and had committed alleged crimes.

They were arrested on drug abuse and gun charges.

Truck Theft, Brookpark Road: On December 29th, police were sent to a car body shop on Brookpark Road after an employee discovered a Parma man’s Chevy truck was stolen from the parking lot.

There are no suspects. The police are investigating.

Grovewood Avenue Break-In: On January 5, a Grovewood Avenue resident called the police about a break-in.

An arriving official spoke to the homeowner who suspected that a man and woman were responsible for breaking into and entering his home and stealing items. The police are investigating.

Substance Abuse, Brookpark Road: Police discovered the Cleveland driver was in the possession of alleged criminal offenses while a Cadillac CTS was stalled for traffic violations on Jan. 7.

He was charged with substance abuse.