Cleveland Hopkins Airport airplane touchdown aborted


CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team received internal emails and air traffic control records to uncover what happened when a passenger plane started landing in Cleveland but suddenly blew up again.

It happened on Tuesday at Hopkins Airport when Frontier Flight 1042 flew in from Orlando.

One passenger on board said the crew had announced that they could not land because of an airport vehicle on the runway.

But the air traffic records tell a different story.

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Jen Herold told the I-Team that she was on that flight.

She said, “Everyone prepared for landing, prepared for impact at the last second. Then suddenly we went up again. Then we started circling Cleveland. “

The footage shows the aircraft approaching, the control tower actually warned an airport vehicle on the runway.

Image from FOX 8 viewer

The tower said:

“24 correct. We have another arrival … be on the ground in about 5 minutes … plan to leave. “
And one person in the car replied:
“We plan to exit as needed. Auto 4. “
The footage then shows how the car left the runway.

The driver reported:
“Floor car 4 is outside of runway 24.”

And then the tower cleared Flight 1042 for landing, and the pilot confirmed it.

He said, “Cleared for landing. 24 correct. “
However, the footage also shows that for another reason the pilot decided to pull up and circumnavigate the airport again.

The pilot radioed
“… we’re going around.”
He added,
“Just, ah, we weren’t stabilized.”

Jen Herold said, “I think a lot of the passengers were confused because we didn’t get off.”
Airport emails show: “CAR 4 … was not near the active runway … to Flt. 1042 received the ‘Free Landing …’ “

And “transit procedures” are considered “common practice” when a flight crew is not fully ready to land.

Flight 1042 circled the airport, and then the plane landed safely.

But the memos and recordings answer questions about this airport car.

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You may be wondering why a vehicle was parked on a runway in the first place? It turned out to be just part of normal airport operations. A worker had inspected the runways. This is done several times a day.

All of this sheds new light on what happens during a landing that you may never even consider. Jen Herold said:
“Whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers. So everything was fine after that. “

We have also asked Frontier Airlines for a comment several times.

The company sent us an email confirming our request, but we hadn’t received a response by late Friday.

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