Cleveland Girls’s March 2021 will concentrate on violence towards girls


CLEVELAND – Organizers of the 2021 Women’s March in Cleveland said this year’s event will raise awareness of a variety of issues that affect women in Cleveland and across the county.

Community activist and organizer Kathy Wray Coleman told News 5 that violence against women will be a focus of the march.

“The march will address a range of issues, from legislation to violence against women to the Tamir Rice case,” said Wray Coleman. “Young black women are showing up dead all over Cleveland, there is no dialogue.” You don’t hear city council members talking about it, you don’t hear the police chief say a lot about it. “

She added: “There is an epidemic in which black women are being murdered, especially women under the age of 25. Five women who were murdered on East 93 Street and whose killer we can’t find. “We will also celebrate the election of Vice President Kamala Harris.”

Sandra Dawkins from Cleveland will also be part of the march. Her daughter, Britney Dawkins Hardwick, 22, was shot dead in her vehicle on December 12th. Her car was parked in her mother’s driveway when the shooting occurred.

The police have still not made any arrests in the case.

“Enough people saw who did this, this crime should have been solved, people should have been arrested, and nothing has happened so far,” said Dawkins. “Those of you who know what happened and know Britney, know how much she was loved, you know what you did.”

Al Porter, President of Black on Black Crime Inc. urged the men to support the women’s march and had a message for the men who are part of the violence problem.

“You know, if you do something abusive, please, and I’ll keep you busy to get help for yourself,” said Porter. “I also say to women who listen, don’t sympathize with your abusers.”

Coleman said the march will include multiple speakers including women group leaders, lawyers, victims and candidates for the 11th district seat, currently held by Congressman Marcia Fudge, who has now been nominated as the HUD’s next secretary.

The Cleveland Women’s March 2021 will take place on Saturday, January 23 from 1:00 p.m. at the Market Place on the corner of W. 25 Street and Lorain Avenue across from West Side Market in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Dawkins had a strong message for parents who know their children are in an abusive relationship.

“Do whatever you can to get her out of there,” Dawkins said. “I know they don’t listen to you often, but you keep going and don’t stop, so your child, your little daughter doesn’t end up dead. “