Cleveland Elementary Taking pictures Survivors React To The Overturning Of California’s Assault Weapons Ban – CBS Sacramento


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Survivors of the shooting at Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton speak out after a federal judge lifted the California prohibition on assault weapons and ruled it unconstitutional.

It surprises many that this ban was passed after the first mass shooting at a school in this country. That shootout was in 1989.

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“Part of us just doesn’t let go of that,” said Judy Weldon. She was a teacher at the school when an armed man shot five students to death. He also injured 32 others before turning the gun on himself.

It was her first teaching assignment in California. She and five other teachers saw and survived the shooting and helped students escape the bullets when they were six.

“We are the ones who have to teach these children how to grieve and how to move on,” she said.

You and others describe Judge Roger Benitez’s decision to lift the ban on offensive weapons as a fatal one.

“He opens the door to who knows what kind of violence, absolutely devastating,” Weldon said.

Now heads of state are appealing the verdict. The decision provides for a 30-day stay, which gives the state the opportunity to appeal – which means the ban is still in force for the time being.

Governor Newsom challenged the judge’s decision and vowed to fight it.

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“It’s not politics, it’s emotionally and personally shameful to the families who have lost their goddamn loved ones,” he said.

But a Cleveland survivor supports the judge’s move to lift the ban.

Rob Young was a first grader at Cleveland Elementary. He was shot in the foot and chest. He’s been with the police for 17 years. He said:

“Judge Benitez knew exactly what he was doing when he was preparing his 94-page document. He took a big step in the right direction and kept his oath of office by defending our fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution. This is his duty.

“The Californian legislature has been calling for a ban on so-called“ assault weapons ”for decades, a term that they have defined themselves and which they have had to adapt to their narrative several times. They have focused on the tools used in evil deeds rather than the root causes.

“They managed to demonize platforms like the AR-15 and many other popular long guns. At the same time, however, they have also belittled several gun-related allegations in recent years, which in turn has deprived law enforcement agencies of holding criminals accountable for their actions.

“I believe we need to focus on enforcing laws against people who pose a threat to society and stop violating the freedoms our ancestors instituted for everyone else. There are still good reasons for our second amendment. California needs a reset in this regard. “

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The attorney general will also seek to extend the sentence’s hold on appeal.