Cleveland companies face staffing challenges as they put together for NFL Draft


CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland takes on its role as the host of the NFL draft This year, however, the region’s businesses face a challenge, as much as they look forward to welcoming locals and visitors with open arms.

“It’s easy for the chefs to order the food and everything – that’s the easy thing. The very difficult part any restaurant has is the staff and attitude, ”said Patrick Granzier, director of operations at NCR Ventures, which owns Lindey’s Lakehouse in the Flats.

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This challenge is shared at the Nuevo Modern Mexican & Tequila Bar in Voinovich Bicentennial Park.

“We hire people, we try to train people. Because we are not only a part of Nuevo, but also this big event that is coming ”, said the owner and operator Lisa Marie Hirt.

Even so, they are extending their hours during the design process and both restaurants are hoping to have as many staff as possible.

“Because we’re on the water and people just want to be on the water, we expect to have some big crowds,” said Hirt.

Even though they are further from the design phase, companies in the apartments still expect an increase in foot traffic and sales.

“I think people will be walking around. We have people checking into hotels. We expect to be pretty busy on Wednesday just because people are checking in and looking for a great place to eat, ”Granzier said.

He says they look forward to showcasing Lindey’s contribution to the city.

“We’re on the water and we’ve got really great seafood options here. I think it will be an unforgettable visit for anyone who joins us, ”he said.

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Nuevo will also be checking out its new food truck in the NFL’s free Draft Experience area, where people have gathered to see the helmet decorations.

“So we’re just making a couple of tacos and a dessert that we’d be making from the food truck in the future,” said Hirt.

Companies say Cleveland has a lot to offer.

“We have great restaurants in Cleveland, we have great chefs in Cleveland,” said Granzier.

“We’re a big city for culinary and we just want to keep growing,” said Hirt.

Entrepreneurs also say they see the design as the perfect stage.

“We have been waiting for this break so that we can make some sales and get back to normal,” said Granzier.

“Right now, just before summer starts, just get through COVID and then come here. It is a real blessing that NFL Draft is here, ”said Hirt.

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