Cleveland Browns Information 1/29: Do not Mess with Texans


Good morning Cleveland Browns fans! It was five days ago. Five freaky days. Well, admittedly, it has been updated sporadically Insider blog what i’m trying to do a normal thing but i was very clear when i said it. What I said was “Don’t even bring up Deshaun Watson”. Don’t even start with that sound.

I was very clear, I thought, but noooooo … people had to start posting nonsense about the Browns – who finally have a QB that seems to stay after twenty years – and chase after Deshaun Watson. Then our quarterback sees it and claps back, and well, the cycle of madness continues and it made its way into the recognized mediaso i have to link it. Granted, Watson is a great quarterback, but Mayfield already knows the system, had a great 2020, is improving, and is the face of the franchise.

Now I’m not going to jump over the fan blog anymore. The only reason I don’t link things like this on this newswire is because I don’t want to spend all day putting them together. I like fan blogs. However, if you keep it in local and large national outlets, the size will remain reasonable. Nothing against them. In hindsight, we should have gotten into it and told people to put the kibosh on it over the front page. Anyway, everyone out there, please stop.

One guy who gets it is Daryl Ruiter from 92.2 the Fan Posting Six reasons the Browns don’t need Deshaun Watson. I nodded to the article. If you don’t agree, feel free to comment, but I think we can safely put this to bed.

What I find more than acceptable is information from the Senior Bowl as to whether it is articles from high-level players that are of interest like this one from WKYC or from the sidelines in this interview with Glenn Cook, Brown’s VP of Player Personnel. But that’s it in a year the Browns came up with the 26th draft. Fortunately for OBR visitors and SubscribersI found an old friend who’s been looking for practices down there on Mobile for the past few days. He’ll provide us with analysis and original video as we dig deeper into drafting the coverage this spring. This spring, expect up-to-date footage of practices coupled with analysis of Senior Bowl quick risers coming solely from the OBR as we focus on the draft.

JJ Watt (Photo: Troy Taormina, USA TODAY Sports)

For those interested in trade and free hand, Tony Grossi says the Browns should Act fast and trade against JJ Watt ($$) behind the WKNR paywall. I’m just … I don’t know Tony … on one hand, the Browns are built for the future and might be interested in younger and cheaper talent. On the other hand, the team may have a window right now and if that happens it is best to dive through that window.

Elsewhere, the Daily Record and Canton Rep look back “Priceless” moments from Brown’s 2020 season. ESPN has an interesting article about COVID opt-outs like the Browns Malcolm Prigeon when you have some time for the longer article.

That’s probably enough for a day. I mean, Watson and Watt links are underway on the Newswire so I’d say we’re loaded for bears. Have a good one! Webdork out.