Cincinnati Reds purchase a shortstop


Didi Gregorius signed with the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday. That meant the Phillies needed roster slots, and when it came to gathering fodder from teams, the players dumped to free up roster slots for high profile players Cincinnati Reds have almost cornered the market.

So the Reds ended with shortstop Kyle Holder when ESPN’s Jeff Passan passed on Saturday afternoon.

The Cincinnati Reds acquire shortstop Kyle Holder in a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, sources told ESPN. The 26-year-old owner was accepted into Rule 5 by the Phillies that year after spending six years in the New York Yankees organization.

– Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) January 30, 2021

Owner, 26, is a former 1st round selection of the New York Yankeesand has a career of .667 OPS in over 1700 career PAs in the minor league. He reportedly has a very fine glove, at least in the shortstop position.

I would say I would learn more about this development when the dust settles, but I won’t. Either this is a flyer-down signature shaking up the “Reds Called Kyle Who Could Get A Few Innings on Shortstop if need be”, or it’s the latest example of the Reds scraping the bottom of the barrel while their peers Do things like I don’t know trade for Nolan Arenado.