Cincinnati Parks: Love The Change – Altering Tables At Males’s Restrooms In Parks


Fathers need changing tables too! Love the change, a new program led by Pampers and Proctor and Gamble, brings changing tables to men’s toilets in several Cincinnati parks. Research by Pampers has shown that 9 out of 10 fathers have used a public toilet without a changing table. These efforts aim to change that and improve access for fathers.

We are excited to have this program come to Cincinnati Parks and believe it will improve access and inclusivity for families visiting our parks. Many thanks to our partners at Cincinnati Parks Foundation for bringing this program to Cincinnati Parks.

Several Cincinnati parks have been selected to receive the new changing tables in the men’s room, including: Ault Park, Smale Riverfront Park, Stanbery Park, TM Berry International Friendship Park, and Washington Park. In addition, several geographically different parks will have changing tables in the men’s and women’s toilets for the first time.

Cover photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

This press release was prepared by Cincinnati parks. The views expressed here are your own.