Cincinnati Bengals draft picks 2021: Full record of NFL draft picks, crew wants, dream first choose


The Cincinnati Bengals finished last season for the third time in a row in last place in the AFC North. That’s not surprising when you consider that they had the worst record in football last year. Cincinnati has a young, promising quarterback, aspiring weapons, and quality design capital to keep getting better in 2020.

The Bengals offensive was wide open last season. Joe Burrow was allowed to throw the ball without a break. AJ Green was a huge disappointment after his year-long layoff and Joe Mixon did not seem to be staying sane. However, Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins showed promising results. A healthy, more seasoned Cincinnati offense could make waves in the near future, but its defenses still have much work to do.

Round 1: No. 5 overall
Round 2: No. 38
Round 3: No. 69
Round 4: No. 111
Round 5: No. 149
Round 6: No. 190
Round 7: No. 202 (from Dolphins by Texans), # 235 (from Lions to Seahawks)

Team needs

Attack: offensive line

The Bengals finished 24th in the rankings last season and gave up the third highest sack in the NFL. That can’t happen again in 2021 as Burrow recovers from tearing up his ACL, MCL, and PCL due to his lack of protection. A reliable running game would help limit the number of hits Joe Burrow has to take. Extending his career and maintaining his health are of the utmost importance.

Defense: Edge Rushers, Cornerback

The Bengals defense finished last season in sacks (17) and gave up the fourth most touchdowns (32) in the NFL. Cincinnati aimed to improve its secondary position by bringing in seasoned talent, but its passing defense struggled because the defensive line and linebackers couldn’t put pressure on it. Both areas need to be strengthened so that there is less pressure on the crime.

Dream first

Kyle Pitts-TE, Florida

While protection should be a priority for a team whose franchise quarterback has a serious leg injury, Pitts has the potential to be Burrow’s point of contact for over a decade. A reliable safety socket has benefited many talented quarterbacks over the year, and Burrow doesn’t have to put his body at risk as much when an athlete like Pitts finds seams in defense and turns small games into big ones. If the Bengals can afford to significantly improve their offensive line through free hand or trade, Pitts is the best man for them.