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Block communication information to dismiss proceedings from Toledo Metropolis


Toledo, Ohio (WTVG) -Block Communications Inc. dismissed a lawsuit filed by Toledo City Tuesday seeking recovery of money paid by the city to relocate rear broadband utility lines for the Summit Street rebuilding project. I made a complaint.

Toledo has a case against BCI. submitted Despite a 2020 email from the city’s legal director on June 10, 2021, Toledo said it was an aesthetic change and would have to pay to move, but the company insisted it would have to pay for it. Toledo paid over $ 972,000 to run the line but not to cover other utility costs FBI question.

Mayor Wadekaps Suzukievich told 13abc that the city had paid for the utility line as it threatened legal action and that the city wanted to avoid delays in the Summit Street rebuilding project.

In a statement released Tuesday, BCI said the company shouldn’t be held responsible for the cost as the city was willing to pay to lay the cable line.

The statement looks like this:

First, the city has consciously, willingly and appropriately approved and covered the travel costs on the Backeye Route. A year later the city is mean and cannot turn back the clock and go “redo”.

Second, Ohio law requires that if the government undertakes such a cityscape aesthetic beautification project, the government should pay the cost of relocating the utility company, rather than the private sector that has facilities in the project area. It is clearly stated that it must be done.

After all, it certainly seems completely illogical for the city to consider passing a resolution to sue us. If they check the files, you’ll find they are already suing us. We look forward to the court examining this issue and issuing an order to terminate the city proceedings.

The request to drop the case takes place hours before the Toledo City Council’s decision. resolution Ask the city to take action to get the taxpayer’s money back.

“From what I’ve seen and read, I think the city is in a solid position and I think Buckeye should return those funds to the city of Toledo,” said Councilor Rob Ludman.

The city council on Tuesday agreed to spend up to $ 75,000 to hire an outside law firm to represent the city in a lawsuit over potential conflicts of interest with the city’s legal director.

“I think we have enough questions to make sure there is no conflict,” said councilor Nick Comives. “In that case, I don’t know if Mr. Muchi has to be a witness. We can hire an outside lawyer and make sure the outside lawyer fights for the city as hard as possible. I think it’s appropriate. “

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Block communication files to dismiss proceedings from Toledo City

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