Better Cincinnati ice hockey groups function highly-skilled gamers


Ice rinks may be sparse in the greater Cincinnati area, but that doesn’t stop high schools from putting together teams of highly skilled players and teams that can be among the best in the state.

Here, in no particular order, are ice hockey players from Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky who have shown some skill while playing on their skates.

Nathan Sunderhaus, North Kentucky Norse

In 47 games played, Sunderhaus leads the northerners by a large margin on goals, assists and points. Sunderhaus put 64 pucks online, 36 more than his closest teammate. When it comes to assists, Sunderhaus’s 40 is ahead of teammate Garrett Elliott.

That number gives Sunderhaus 104 total points, making him the Nordic leader over Elliott and Mark Dugan by 58 points and more than doubling the other duo’s 46 points each.

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Ben Shrider, Talawanda

Talawanda has consistently been in the state’s top 10 coaching polls this season and his top goalscorer in 25 games was Ben Shrider.

Shrider had a total of 40 points from 17 goals and 23 assists, both of which were equated for high scores on the team. Shrider won another team high with 55.2% of his faceoffs.

John Piehowicz, St. Xavier

The senior goalkeeper fired more than 450 shots for the bombers and scored a safe percentage of 87%.

Grady Holmes, Talawanda

Shrider might have the most points in Talawanda’s roster, but teammate Grady Holmes played on par with him.

Holmes scored 15 goals and contributed 23 assists in 25 games in which the Braves were 18-5-2. Holmes was the leader on the team with 221 faceoff wins, beating Shrider by 40 wins. Holmes’ 54% Faceoff profit share was second for Talawanda.

Moeller goalkeeper Brennan MortonStrauss and the Crusader defense kept St. Xavier goalless in a 6-0 win in early December.  MortonStrauss has five shutouts this season and owns Moeller's all-time shutout brand.

Jack Frambes and Brennan MortonStrauss, Moeller

The Crusaders have not one, but two goalkeepers who dominate.

Frambes, the senior goalkeeper, eliminated four teams and saved a whopping 94.5% of the shots he faced. Frambes had a goal of 1.38 against the average per game.

The junior MortonStrauss has scored five shutouts and owns Moeller’s all-time shutout brand. MortonStrauss broke the record with a 1-0 win over Talawanda when the Braves were No. 6 in Ohio. MortonStrauss saved 93% of the recordings he saw.

Danny Murrow, Springboro

Murrow is a senior striker for the Panthers and acts as the alternate captain. Murrow leads Springboro offensively with 16 goals and nine assists for 25 points. Murrow, on the other hand, plays and is Springboro’s best player when it comes to getting the puck in front of the puck with the most blocked strokes on the team.

Daniel Emenaker, Talawanda

Daniel Eemenaker played in nearly 19 of Talawanda’s first 25 games, leading the Braves to an 18-5-2 record. Between the tubes, Emenaker only allowed 32 goals while making 386 stops, representing a savings rate of 92.3%.

St. Xaviers Trevor Tiemeyer has scored 16 goals and five assists this season.

Trevor Tiemeyer, St. Xavier

Tiemeyer, a high-ranking Bomber team captain, scored 16 goals and five assists and was a focus of St. Xavier’s special power play and penalty teams.