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Stormer said Sullivan has only touched the surface of how good he is as a player and the conference will find out in his junior and senior seasons. He hit .321 that season with seven RBIs, six runs scored and a pair of doubles.

“His batting average doesn’t reflect how well he hit the ball this year,” said Stormer. “We went over the book before we had our banquet, and there were ten times that he was either standing on a line or an outfielder jumping to catch a ball he hit. You had these 10 hits and it probably beats 0.500. “

Stormer said Link played out of position this season as he normally plays shortstop, but with James Mobry there, Link has moved up to third place.

“He jumped right on it,” Stormer said of Link, who also hit .375 with 10 RBIs and eight runs to call a double. “He played really well for us there. I told him after our conference meeting that I really expected him to transform into Trace. He works so hard and has these kinds of skills. “

The last one was Jefferson Mobry, whom Stormer threw to the wolves on the hill as a freshman catcher for the team’s two stallions, Oppor and Kirchberg.

“Personally, I think Jefferson had one of the harder jobs in the state, catching two pitchers like this throwing so hard,” Stormer said. “To do it as a newbie. We didn’t really have a catcher (other than him). … Jefferson is going to be a special player. He’s another kid who works really hard in the weight room. “