Baker Mayfield As soon as Quoted DMX After a Loopy Cleveland Browns Comeback Victory


We lack sufficient evidence to determine whether Baker Mayfield is completely cool under pressure. However, we lean like this. On the other hand the Cleveland Browns Quarterback has shown through his humorous commercials that he’s cool from the field.

Sometimes that coolness sails right over the heads of the fans and the media. That was the case last NFL season when Mayfield dropped a pop culture reference. Only savvy observers picked it up after the professional’s dramatic comeback win in the third year.

The Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield game of chance pays off

Quarterback Baker Mayfield, number 1 in the 2018 NFL Draft, showed marked improvement in his third NFL season as he led the Cleveland Browns to a playoff spot. David Eulitt / Getty Images

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Baker Mayfield was far from safe when he entered the NFL as the number 1 overall selection of the NFL 2018 NFL draft. College wins and flashy stats didn’t result in successful NFL careers for quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Landry Jones of Oklahoma Sooners, Mayfield’s notable recent predecessors.

This raised concerns that Mayfield might be a systems quarterback. In connection with its average size, some observers thought Sam Darnold was a safer bet among the QB candidates in the draft class. However, the Cleveland Browns left with Mayfield.

Mayfield’s rookie season saw enough production – 27 touchdown passes, a 63.8% completion rate, and four winning runs – to earn optimism about his future despite 14 interceptions. Unfortunately, the 2019 season was a disaster. Mayfield’s numbers were consistently declining, and his 21 interceptions and 40 sacks contributed significantly to a 6-10 record.

Baker Mayfield quoted DMX after a crazy comeback win

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The 2020 NFL season was a breakthrough for both Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. Aided by a strong running game, Mayfield led the Browns to an 11-5 record and a playoff spot. He threw exactly the same number of passes as in 2018, but the results were better.

His mileage and TD totals declined slightly, but Mayfield was a more efficient and disciplined quarterback. As the victories rose, the interception and criticism of its many endorsements and commercials decreased.

A major turning point came on October 25, 2021, a week after a humiliating loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in which Mayfield threw for 119 yards and had to be relieved Keenum casehe came back roaring. Mayfield shrugged off an interception in the first round and threw himself in for the top five TDs of his career, including two in the final with 4:53. to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, 37-34.

Mayfield finished 22:28 after failing on his first five attempts. He called 21 times in a row and finished the race 297 yards. His last throw was the game-winning TD with an 11 second lead. Then overcome three deficits in the fourth quarter, He passed this wisdom on to reporters::

“I’m on the right track right now. Whatever it takes to win. Stop it, drop it, close it, open the store. “

Baker Mayfield

It sailed over the heads of many people that day, but Mayfield quoted Ruff Ryders’ Anthem by DMX and definitely made him the hottest quarterback of the day – even if the rest of the lyrics to the tune would scare Tipper Gore.

DMX is said to be fighting for its life

rapper DMX was hospitalized on April 2 in White Plains, New York, after a heart attack, his attorney told reporters. Murray Richman initially said DMX, whose first name is Earl Simmons, has been released from life support and is breathing on its own. However, CBS News reported that Richman withdrew that update on Sunday.

DMX, which was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2000 and another the following year, was performed in critical condition in intensive care. Citing unidentified sources, reported DMX originally suffered a drug overdose late Friday. His breathing had stopped for an extended period of time, causing life-threatening brain damage, TMZ reported.

All statistics courtesy of Pro football reference.