A number of vehicles stolen from Toledo Meeting Complicated parking zone


According to TPD’s online crime map, three car thefts occurred in the parking lot in four days last week.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Auto assembly plant workers are concerned that car thieves are targeting their workplaces and asking for additional security measures.

The Chrysler Assembly Complex is located on Chrysler Drive in north Toledo.

An employee who reached out to WTOL 11 said his 2019 Dodge Charger was stolen from the parking lot on the night of Jan. 26.

“I go outside and click on my key fob to warm up my car,” said the employee, who wanted to remain anonymous. “I don’t hear it. And then I suddenly realize that more than one person in the parking lot couldn’t find their car.”

The employee believes the thief or thieves are targeting Dodge Chargers and Challengers.

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We’re working to confirm with the Toledo Police Department if any other Dodge Chargers or Challengers were stolen that night. However, we were able to verify this Police online crime map and discovered three car thefts in the parking lot between January 19-22.

“It seems they haven’t even implemented another camera or maybe a fence or gate to see who’s coming into our parking lot, you know?” The clerk said.

The clerk also said that there was no broken glass around his car and that he has both spare keys, so he believes the thieves somehow hacked his car’s locking system.

We have asked TPD for more information and are waiting for feedback.

A spokesman for Stellantis (the company formerly known as Fiat Chrysler) sent us the following statement:

“Stellantis takes the safety of its employees and their property very seriously. In addition to an internal investigation of all reported incidents, we are also working with local law enforcement agencies. Stellantis continuously evaluates security measures in all facilities and will implement any changes that are necessary to ensure that our employees, our property and our assets are protected. “