A girl exploited by the owner of Toledo, disenchanted with the settlement


“I’m not happy with it because I want to see him behind the bar,” Melinda said of the landlord, Anthony Hubbard, who exploited her as a tenant.

Toledo, Ohio – A Toledo woman who was sexually molested by her landlord is pursuing WTOL11 after reaching a settlement on the first case. March last year As the theme of the 11 Investigates series.

We met Melinda at the beginning of the investigation and the two mothers say she is still traumatized by the sexual progress of her former landlord.

“Suggestions, texts, whatever. Anthony Hubbard was the first to do this to me that completely ruined my feelings about the landlord, ”said Melinda, a sexual assault survivor. ..

The alleged attack fell into the hands of her former landlord, Hubbard, between 2013 and 2017.

last week, The Ministry of Justice has reached an agreement Hubbard has to pay $ 100,000 to be distributed among the victims.

It solves Procedure in fair housing law He claims to have sexually molested a tenant in a rental property that he owns or manages.

“The Consent Decree requires him to hire a professional property manager. He is no longer allowed to interact with his tenants. Anyone he hires must be approved by the Justice Department. “When Fair residential center The hotel is located in downtown Toledo.

Hubbard employees must also be trained in fair living, and he will be monitored for the next five years.

“I’m not happy with it because I want to see him behind the bar because it makes more sense than receiving any amount. No matter what he pays, I will not get rid of the damage behind what he did, ”Melinda said.

And Melinda is afraid that he could sexually exploit someone else.

“Much more is happening than reported. It’s definitely a problem, and a lot of people don’t know that it’s against the fair housing law. The tenant has this wish. Or even if he replied to the request, ”said Rodriguez.

People may be afraid to speak, but Fair residential center Say it’s here to protect you

“I really want the cycle to be broken. I really want a lot of landlords exposed. As I understand it, it has been going on for years and until I experienced it I didn’t know, ”said Melinda.

Melinda says don’t be afraid or don’t be ashamed.

The center also offers free and fair housing training for landlords and property managers.

The Fair Housing Center staff wants you to know that if you are a victim of housing-related sexual harassment you must contact them.

How to get help:

Toledo Fair Residential Center: https://www.toledofhc.org/ Alternatively, you can call 419-243-6163.

National alliance for fair living: https://nationalfairhousing.org/

US Department of Justice – Sexual Harassment in Housing Initiatives: https://www.justice.gov/crt/sexual-harassment-housing-initiative

If you feel discriminated against by your landlord, please contact us. You can text us at 419-248-1100 to share your story.

Information on WTOL 11:

A woman who was exploited by the Toledo landlord disappointed with the deal

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