5 daring predictions for the Cincinnati Bengals’ 2021 offseason


On the way into the off-season 2021 there are many questions about the Cincinnati Bengals. After keeping head coach Zac Taylor, it will be a crucial off-season for the front office as they look to take care of their coach and franchise quarterback Joe Burrow.

There’s a lot to explain for this off-season. What are they going to do with free agents? Carl Lawson and William Jackson III? How will you address the offensive line? What is your vision to build a championship team around Burrow? The coming months will answer many of these questions for fans and make the blueprint clearer for the future.

With number five in the draft and plenty of space on the cap, the Bengals seem to have plenty of room to take big strides this off-season. Whether or not they will make big strides is another question, but they certainly have an opportunity to do so this year.

With just six wins in the past two years, improvement is vital to save Taylor’s job and continue to ensure a bright future for Burrow. The front office has to prove they’re up to the job, or there should be some accountability for people like Duke Tobin.

Burrow is a championship caliber quarterback and the Bengals know it. You should understand the stakes this off-season and be determined not to have another Carson Palmer situation on your hands.

While Burrow has his rookie contract, the Bengals have to be brave. Once they have to pay him a lot of money, they don’t have that much space to build a great roster.