5 Cleveland Clam Dishes To Strive This Summer time


From the mussel pizza from Chatty Pizzeria to the starters from Michael Genuine Food & Drinks medium-necked appetizers, here is our list of the unique mollusk dishes you must try.

Chatty's Pizzeria's Clam Pizza

Chatty’s Pizzeria’s mussel pizza: Paired well with a thin, crispy New York or cauliflower crust, it was important to keep this oil and garlic ($ 15) -based pizza simple, topped with cheese, arugula, lemon oil, and chopped clams. “When we put all of these ingredients together, they all have to work well together and work well together,” says owner Matthew Harlan. 28611 Lake Road, Bay Village, 440-471-4485, chattyspizzeria.com

Chowder House Cafe's Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder from Chowder House Cafe: This soup ($ 6) has been a staple on the menu for 12 years and is not based on the typical potatoes found in most chowders and better highlights sea clams cooked with bacon, celery, onions, cream, and clam juice . “Since I live on the east coast, I make mine as close as possible,” says chef and owner Louis Prpich. 1244 Wetterfahnengasse, Akron, 330-794-7102, thechowderhousecafe.com

Mallorca's stuffed mussels

Mallorca’s stuffed mussels: This medium-sized mussel starter ($ 14) gives the traditional mussel casino a Spanish flair and is filled with a mix of Spanish lomo (salted meat), prosciutto, chorizo, and breading, flavored with smoked paprika and saffron. “People who like mussel casino like our mussel casino because it’s different,” says owner Laurie Torres. “The menu is evolving from traditional Spanish to a modification of traditional American.” 1390 W. Ninth St., Cleveland, 216-687-9494, mallorcacle.com

Michael's Original Food & Drink's Middleneck Mussels

Michael’s Original Food & Drink’s Middleneck Mussels: These clams ($ 18) are classically steamed with shallots and white wine before chef Andrew Alvarez top them with capers, lemon juice, melted butter, and harissa paste, a North African pepper mix. “It’s like a fast-paced taste explosion, but then the butter will hit you and it just softens,” says Alvarez. 3427 Tuttle Road, Shaker Heights, 216-230-8022, michaelsgenuine.com

The steamed shells of the nauti mermaid

The Steamed Shells of the Nauti Mermaid: With a hint of Caribbean Key West flavor, these wild Virginia clams ($ 13) pop up in a broth of butter, Sauvignon Blanc wine, Key lime juice, fresh heirloom tomatoes, white onions, and coriander. “We have some regulars who, when they’re done with the mussels, drink the whole bowl of broth,” says owner Jeffrey Hassan. 1378 W. Sixth St., Cleveland, 216-771-6178, thenautimermaid.com