2B Boys Basketball: Kalama makes use of scorching begin to blow previous Toledo | Boys


“Manager Fallon is doing a great job with his team. We just knew we had to play tough physical basketball for 32 minutes and that he had to start on the defensive end,” he said.

Defense was the driving force for Kalama as they launched new looks to test out Toledo.

“We wanted to play a little,” said Armstrong. “We really worked on our half court trap defense and those extra rotations because we were always one rotation too short. I think with our length, if we are active with our hands, we can disrupt a lot of teams and I felt like we did that for the most part. “

Fallon noticed the stifling defense that made it difficult for his squad.

“They have a lot of candid looks and we don’t,” he said. “We had to work for every single shot we got.”

When Kalama got these frank looks, they kept throwing them down, rarely missing an opportunity with a good look at the edge.

“You work hard,” Armstrong said of Kalama’s strong shooting. “During our exercises, we attach great importance to shooting game recordings, game speed and live situations.”

Fallon said he doesn’t intend to dwell on this game for too long.

“We have a game on Monday, we don’t have a lot of time to prepare so I won’t waste time on it,” he said. “We kicked our bum and all you have to do is swallow it and rinse it, delete it.”